A propos de Benjamin Fabre

Serial Entrepreneur since 2000 in the digital industry and Business Angel.

After 5 years as co-founder of CD Net WebAgency, my partner and I decided to sold the company to be completely focused on our then new fascinating project: TrendyBuzz, a social media monitoring tool.

We had the chance to make TrendyBuzz grow over 7 years, putting together a great team, and turning the company into one of the French leaders in the SMM industry, working with hundred of clients.

In February 2014, Linkfluence acquired TrendyBuzz to become the French leader in Social Media Intelligence, reaching a €6.5 M turnover.

These outstanding financial results are a perfect illustration of the successful operational integration of TrendyBuzz.

Today, I’m proud to share our new project: DataDome.

All this years in the SMM industry made us realise that website content, data, ads and userbase are huge, valuable assets – and bots are making the most of it. DataDome provides innovative technology and human expertise to help protect websites against bot activity.

Specialties: Internet, bigdata, SaaS, technologies, web indexation, SMM, entrepreneurial and technologies consultant, Digital transformation.

Sold TrendyBuzz to Linkfluence
Sold CD Net to O. Web

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